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                Invesro consists of a group of professional real estate investors working with
                other industry leading professionals to bridge the gap between Buyer, Seller,
                and Investor to create win-win situations.

                If you are a 1st time home buyer or you are trying to qualify for additional mortgage
                funding (even with credit concerns), Invesro has many effective solutions and
                resourceful strategies for common obstacles in today’s real estate market.
                From the beginner investor to one more savvy, Invesro offers consultations,
                partnerships and joint ventures. The investments offered are ongoing, and range from
                single family to multi-family, and commercial real estate.

                Invesro works with both vendors and purchasers; and therefore alternatively buys and
                sells properties. This offers our clients, whether buying or selling, the needed options
                to capitalize on investments.  Invesro has a diverse selection of properties to choose

                Depending on timing, the selection may vary, and therefore buyers are encouraged to
                complete the Buyer’s Questionnaire, to ensure buyer’s needs are met.  Sellers, as
                well, are invited to fill out the Seller’s Questionnaire so we may assess your property
                and requirements. Potential clients may contact us, with no obligation, to discuss the
                process and experience the Invesro difference.
                We are a family owned group of investors who work
                closely with a large team of real estate
                professionals.  We invest throughout North

                We pride ourselves in creating win-win solutions for
                the Seller, the Buyer and the Investor.

                As we construct the deal equation of seller, buyer
                and investor, unique situations or circumstances
                can and may arise. During this course our capacity
                to solve problems becomes a welcomed asset.
                The better problem solvers we become the more transactions get put
                together to make the seller, buyer and investor experience a successful
                one. The more often this happens, the more we are able to repeat the
                process and create those win - win situations. 

                This truly is one of our most treasured assets of all, the relationships we've
                been fortunate enough to help cultivate.

                Mark Rosgen